Business Recycling


  • Step 1: Pickup and Transportation 

                       Pickup and transportation are only available to business customers. Once a date and time are set, Columbus Micro will pick up the material at the location. A cost is associated with picking up the material on site so please call in advance. If
 travel is required outside of Ohio, please call our staff to coordinate a pickup.

    • $50.00 Local Pickup Fee (Columbus, OH region)
    • $300.00 Out of Town Pickup Fee

A Release of Liability Form will be filled out and sent to the customer after receiving the material.

  • Step 2: Inventory Tracking

                       Record keeping is important to ensure both the customer and Columbus Micro have the correct electronic assets. Transparency is important to the company. Depending on the record-keeping procedure a customer chooses, a Scan-In Document will be sent after the data destruction period.

Record keeping includes:

        • Equipment type
        • Asset Number
        • Serial Number
  • Step 3: Dismantling/Component Recovery

                       Each unit will be carefully disassembled, and parts will be sorted based upon their recyclable properties and if they contain hazardous properties. With full compliance from the EPA, clients have the option of receiving a full list for all materials passed through the recycling process.

  • Step 4: Data Destruction (optional)

                       Columbus Micro is R2 and RIOS certified in proper electronic recycling, and this includes data destruction/erasure. Columbus Micro offers four different destruction methods to ensure your data-carrying devices are cleansed to standard. Once data destruction is completed, a Certificate of Destruction will be sent to the customer.

                          Data Destruction Fees:

     Method 1: Formatting Hard Drive (HD) Free of Charge

     Method 2: Physically Drilling Hard Drive $3.00

     Method 3: DoD data erasure + transparency report $8.00

  • Step 5: Credit

                       The issue of Credit: 

** Columbus Micro is not authorized to provide credit to every recycling pickup. Credit will be granted by our administration. **

Please keep in mind not all items accepted will qualify for a credit. A credit will depend on many factors of our benchmarks, for example, a working or non-working unit, the condition of each item, the age of the item, quantity, etc.